Volunteers are the life-blood of rescues such as BassetCARE, and, without such dedicated volunteers, BassetCARE could
not and would not exist!  Our volunteers are the most critical part of helping us save and find homes for homeless and
abandoned Basset Hounds!

There are several ways in which you could serve
BassetCARE as a volunteer, including, but not limited to:
  •         becoming a foster home (temporary or long-term)
  •         helping to transport bassets rescued from shelters
  •          becoming a home visit volunteer
  •         helping out at any of the events in which we participate  throughout southern Virginia and northern North Carolina
  •         serving as a board member
  •         serving as a coordinator or assistant to a coordinator
  •         helping with fundraising
  •         sharing your skills and talents
  •         and many many more……………………..  

So please consider filling out the form linked below!  Should you have any questions, please contact the
Volunteer Coordinator at

                                           BassetCARE needs YOU!!!