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BassetCARE Adoption Application
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Living Conditions
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6.  Do you have stairs in your home?
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7.  Do you have a fenced in yard?
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7b.  If no, do you agree to keep the basset on a leash when outdoors?
8.  Are you willing to have a volunteer from BassetCARE visit your home prior to adoption?
Dynamics of Household
9.  What is the make-up of your household?
Number of adults
Number of children:
9a.  If there are children in the household, what are their ages?
10.  Are there other children who visit frequently (i.e. grandkids, babysitting)?
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11.  Please list the pets you currently own and provide the information requested on each one.
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12.  Describe the temperament of the dog(s) you currently own.
13.  Describe the activity level of the dog(s) you currently own.
14.  Do you give Heartworm preventative to your dog(s) on a monthly basis?
15.  Does anyone in the household have dog allergies?
16.  How close is your nearest neighbor?
Veterinarian Information
17.  Do you have a veterinarian?
17a.  If yes, please provide your veterinarian's name and phone number.


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18.  What pet name and last name are your current vet records under?
Adoption Questions
19.  Why do you want to adopt a Basset?
20.  Will this be your first dog/basset as an adult?  
21.  Have you ever adopted a dog from a rescue organization or shelter?
22.  Have you ever had to give up a dog?
22a.  If yes, please explain:
23.  How do other family members feel about adopting a Basset?
24.  Which family member will be the basset's primary caregiver?
25.  How many hours per day will the basset be left alone?
26.  Where will the basset be kept during the day?
27.  Where will the basset be kept during the night?
28.  Are you willing to provide the required heartworm preventative on a monthly basis?
29.  Are you willing to provide us with follow up reports?
30.  Do you agree to return your basset to us if you are unable to keep it?
Basset Preferences and Training
31.  Would you prefer a male or female basset?
32.  What age Basset do you prefer? (Select all the age(s) that apply.)
33.  What specific traits are you looking for in a basset that would
make him/her the right match for your family?
34.  Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training?
35.  Are you willing to take your basset to obedience training if necessary?
36.  Are you willing to house train your basset, if necessary?
37.  Are you willing to crate train your basset?
Referral and Other Comments
38.  How were you referred to BassetCARE?
39.  If you have other comments or have a specific Basset on our website you are interested in, please indicate below.
Thank you for your interest in adopting a Basset Hound from BassetCARE!