Dear Sadie,

would be difficult to train him for this. Do you think it is possible to train a Basset for agility
Competitive in Concord


Dear Competitive,

This world is full of surprises and I have learned to never say never so I will say it is certainly possible
that your Basset can be trained to participate in an agility course. Notice I say “participate” and not
“run”.  Any self-respecting basset will have to ask themselves, “why should I jump over that bar when I
can just go underneath it?” Or, “Why should I walk under that bar when I can sit underneath it?”  You
get my drift. Now, if we find it interesting enough and fun, we might just do it, but be forewarned that we
may only do it once and be over it.
I would say give it a try, be exceptionally patient, and remember that we are not German Shepherds or
Labradors . My advice to you is to set your expectations accordingly.  And your Basset might just
surprise you (and me!).