Can you give me some tips on how to get along with cats?  My family has a few running
around here and I haven’t been able to figure them out yet.  Signed, Confused Coon Hound

Dear Confused:

The secret to understanding cat is quite simple – they own the house. Do not chase them; they will make
you pay for it later. Our cat Rex once tried to choke me by leaving those little fake furry mice around..
He would watch me as I tried to eat them then take off when the humans came to get the thing out of my
mouth. Learn to read them –it’s all about the ears and the tail, and sometimes the eyes.  If the ears are
normal and the tail is wrapped around their legs, you’re OK. If the ears are normal but the tail is swishing
around, they are up to no good. Best to stay on the couch and hope they don’t’ jump on you. If the ears
are flat and anything else is going on with the tail, get under the couch if you can. That cat is mad!  Now
about those eyes.  If the eyes look like the picture below, run, run, run like the wind in the opposite
direction! Don’t ask, just run!