Dear Sadie:
squeaky toy, or perhaps a nice warm sweater.  She’s been a good girl all year and I want to
get her something special.  What would you recommend?
Santa’s Helper

Dear Helper,

Some girls may desire a Hilfinger sweater and others may covet a pair of Prada shoes and yet others
may want some fragrant Coco Chanel.  If it were up to me, I’d take some Tyson or some Purdue or some
Jeannie-O – I’m taking CHICKEN!  Tyson wings and Purdue thighs and some Jeannie-O boneless
breasts!  My designers all had feathers at one point.  Now they are fryers, broilers or roasters.  Yum yum
chicken.  I can’t think of a better gift that will tell your good girl you love and appreciate her than chicken.

P. S, if you think chicken is not a good choice then my second choice would be  . . CHICKEN.