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How cute is this dog?!?!?!?  Louie is a small, seven year old neutered male.  Louie
isn't full basset, we think he also has some beagle and spaniel in him. Louie is full of
energy and would love to have a family that has older children to play with.  Louie
gets along great with the other foster dogs in his family but he chases the family cat.  
He doesn't try to hurt the cat - he just thinks its fun chasing him around the house!  
Isn't this the perfect little dog for you?

Adoption fee: $100.00
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae
Howdy y'all! My name is Maggie Mae and I'm originally from Texas. I am an unusual and gorgeous lemon
and white color. I have very long, luxurious ears. I am a voluptuous lady of @10 years and still playful. I
try to wrestle with my old roommate basset, but he's 13 and not interested in playing, the old grump. I
love to go for walks and I really love to go for rides in the car. I'm very well behaved in the car, I just lay
down and go to sleep mostly, but I will come to life if a stranger tries to approach MY car. I will make a lot
of noise when I first meet someone, but after about 2 or 3 minutes, I just want them to pet me. I know how
to sit and use the doggie door. I love to have my teeth brushed and don't fuss about taking medicine or
having my ears cleaned. I am not concerned about other dogs as long as they give me my space when
I'm trying to sleep. Please consider me as your companion, it will make both of us very happy.

Adoption fee: $100.00
BassetCARE inadvertently “inherited” Mack, by way of a shelter that doesn’t completely
understand the difference between a basset and a basset-mix.  

So, he’s a little short in the ears and a little long in the legs, but his foster says he’s just a
sweet guy that’s a little misunderstood.  As you can tell by his photo, Mack seems quite
proud and self-assured.  Even if he isn’t a “full” basset, he exudes the confidence of a

Mack’s just looking for a good home that will look beyond the fact that his ears didn’t grow
long enough to be a basset and his legs grew a little too long.   Is Mack the right guy for

Adoption fee: $100.00
Tommy came to BassetCARE from Dinwiddie County Animal Control. Tommy is
approximately 10 years old, tricolored and weighs approximately 65 pounds. At
present time, he is still intact.

Tommy can be a bit of a “bully”, but does get along with other dogs. Otherwise, he
is a loving basset.

Are you the right adopter who can handle Tommy???

Adoption fee: $150.00
Princess came to BassetCARE as an ORD, through collaboration with Henrico Humane.  
Princess, and her doxie companion Willie, had to be relinquished by their owners as they
were being evicted from their home.

Princess is approximately 8 years old and is spayed. She is tricolored and weighs about 50
pounds. She is a very sweet gentle dog – a little skittish of men, but very attached to her
female foster mom. She has a healthy appetite, does well taking her medications and is
working on perfecting her housetraining skills.  She also interacts very well with her foster
canine siblings.

When she came to Henrico Humane/BassetCARE, her nails were so overgrown that they had
grown into her pads.  She has since been updated on all of her shots and had surgery to
correct the nail problem.

Adoption fee: $150.00