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Special Needs
Winston & Katie

         Winnie and Katie are siblings who have recently fallen on hard times.  They were
adopted through Basset CARE when they were 8-week old pups by a couple who gave
them a very quiet, loving home and totally focused care and attention.  However, recently,
their adopted “dad” suffered a fatal heart attack; their adopted “mother” cannot care for
them any longer.  They are currently in a very temporary foster home with a 14 year-old
basset and a young 8-month old basset pup.  A “forever home” needs to be found for
them just as soon as possible.

         Winnie and Katie are two-years old, in excellent health and extremely loving, and
both have very sweet dispositions.  The bond they have formed together is strong.  
Sometimes Winnie will take the lead and Katie will follow; at other times, the leadership
and follower roles are reversed.  They get along extremely well with each other and with
humans, but they are not used to living with other dogs and have not been around cats.  
They are house trained and take no medications.  The foster parents believe that they will
do best in a home with no other dogs or cats, and they must be adopted together and not

           These dogs were born to a rescued basset in a healthy litter of 7.  The vet who
sees them says they are definitely basset hounds.  They are white and red and full of vim
and vigor.  But as with all, they love their naps and tummy rubs.  When you see them, you
won’t only be seeing double—you’ll just fall in love twice as hard!

Adoption Fee: $300

Look how happy she is and it wasn’t even her birthday!
This is Miss Daisy and she came to BassetCare as an owner-relinquishment last summer.  
We didn’t get a lot of information on Daisy’s past life, but her foster mom reports that after
having her for six months she is a happy, well-mannered, full-figured gal.  Daisy is red and
white, with big brown eyes and sports a big smile and a healthy appetite.  Yes, she could
stand to lose a few pounds (couldn’t we all?) but that’s nothing that a good walk every day
wouldn’t cure.

We think Daisy is about 7 years young and is doing well in her foster home.  She likes to
sleep on her dog bed and is house-trained.  Daisy likes to sit next to you on the couch but,
as she has very good manners, only if invited.  She gets along well with her three foster
sisters who have accepted her as one of the pack.  They are still deciding on who is pack
leader because evidently mom has lost the job.

If you would like a best friend and a great hound, please help Daisy find her forever home!

Adoption Fee: $250