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March 2, 2009
Miss Sadie begs your forgiveness for her extended absence. It saddens me deeply to have to tell you all that we
have suffered a loss from our family.  Just after New Year’s we lost our sweet old boy Elvis.

Elvis had been ill for a little while but it seemed not to be too bad for a fellow who was nearing his twelfth birthday.
He had an ultrasound done on New Year’s Eve. They found some bladder stones and an adrenal tumor.  An
extensive treatment plan and surgery loomed ahead.  Elvis was not the kind of guy who did well will medicines or
anything else that was not part of his routine. New Year’s night, when we slept out in front of the warmth of the
wood stove, we all prayed to know what to do, to know what Elvis would want us to do. When we all woke up the
next morning, he could barely walk. He went downhill the rest of the day; by that afternoon, he crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge cradled in the arms of those who loved him so very much.
Although we only had Elvis for four years, he became a member of the family quickly. He was sweet and very
handsome, and, most importantly, was always a gentleman with me. Nothing wins a lady’s heart like a true
Southern gentleman. If any of you kind readers are wondering if now is the time to adopt a dog, especially an older
dog, well, Miss Sadie cannot tell you yes or no.  What I can tell you is that if you are lucky you may get a dog like
Elvis, a dog sweet and loving, who is looking only for a home to call his own. We were his fourth family and we
were the lucky ones. Lucky because Elvis relaxed with us as we all came to know each other and he understood
we were to be his forever family. Lucky because we got to hear Elvis’ deep, mournful howl every once in a while,
probably the most beautiful Basset song this girl has ever heard. Lucky because every morning when Elvis got us
up (at 6 AM sharp, regardless of when we went to bed), his tail swung around like a helicopter tail, happy to be
just minutes away from breakfast and another good day with his pack. You may think that when you adopt a dog
you are opening your door to an animal in need.  Actually, you are opening your heart to a love and a faithfulness
like no other. Having a dog makes both the dog and the human better people.  Rest in peace, Elvis. You were born
a dog and died a gentleman. We miss you.
Me (left) and Elvis