Dear Sadie,

What is your favorite smell?

Nosy in Nansemond

Dear Nosy,
Scent location is very important in a discussion of favorite smells.  I have a favorite indoor scent and a
favorite outdoor scent.
My favorite indoor scent, it would have to be the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking in the oven all
day.  Oh I feel faint; it makes me woozy just thinking about it. I like to nap right by the oven so I can be
bathed in the smells of turkey and sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and yeast rolls, cranberry sauce and
green bean casserole. One Thanksgiving, the house pig (my step-brother Chase) faked a hurt back in a
vain attempt to get turkey three days before Thanksgiving.  What a dope – but that is another story for
another day.
My favorite outdoor scent, paws down, is rabbit.  I love that furry, earthy, musky, thick-like-liquid smell of
rabbit. It tickles my nose like champagne (a pretty good indoor smell by the way, but it makes me
sneeze).  When I smell rabbit my four centuries of breeding wake up like a fireman hearing a five-alarm
fire bell and I become a bullet of the field. I love to wash my nose and ears in that meaty scent and follow
it for as long as I can.  Smells are what we were bred for!  Thanks for reminding me of my favorites!