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Foster Dog Report
* Foster Dog Report:
(select “Updated” if a report was submitted previously for this dog and provide a brief synopsis of changes below)

Please complete the information immediately below each time you submit your report.
* Dog's Name:
Dog's ID:
Dog's Collar Tag  ID:
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* Foster Parents:
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If this is a New Report, please answer as many of the questions below as you can. If this is an Updated Report, please provide ONLY information that
is new or updated from the last report. You do NOT have to answer all the questions for an Updated Report!
Updated Report Only
Please summarize your additions/changes in the text box immediately below and then complete the questions below for which you have updates.
1.  Basic Information about the dog:
Spayed or Neutered?:
If no, when will the spay/neuter occur:
Dog's weight:
Dog’s Overall Health:
2.  This dog can best be described as  (choose one)
3. Tell us about the dog.
  What is special, interesting, unusual, endearing about him/her?
  What would you want someone to know if they were considering adopting this dog?
4. Has the dog exhibited aggression? (growling, snarling, snapping, etc.)
5. Would you have concerns leaving this dog with a child under 12?
If ANY aggressive behavior is observed, contact your foster coordinator immediately!

If Yes to EITHER question, please explain, giving as much information as possible:
6.  Does the dog show excessive shyness with people (i.e. hiding or running away)?  

           If Yes, is the dog shy in the presence of a specific age or gender?  Explain:
7. When you leave the house or room does the dog exhibit any excessive signs of Separation Anxiety?  
(Excessive signs could be continuous barking/whining (more than 15 minutes), soiling, urinating or defecating
in the house, or destructive behavior.)
If yes, explain:
8. Does the dog show fear of thunderstorms, cars, vacuums, etc?
If yes, explain:
9. The dog___________
please select all that apply):
Rides well in cars
Drools excessively
Barks excessively
Sheds excessively
Has excessive order
10.  Is the dog housebroken?
If no, please indicate the specific problem:
11.  Is the dog crate trained?
12.  Describe the dog’s eating behavior:
    (i.e., does he eat well, steal food, is she a picky eater, over or underweight?)

      Note: BassetC.A.R.E. recommends twice a day feeding for adult dogs.
13.  Have you noticed any health problems while the dog is in your care?

                                                                    If Yes, please give details:
14.  Is the dog okay with handling and grooming?
    (i.e., can you brush him, clean her ears, trim
     nails without struggle or fight?)

                                       If no, please give details:
15.   How well trained is the dog?
    (i.e., does she know her name, does he walk well on lead,
     know basic commands like sit/down/stay/come?)
BassetC.A.R.E. recommends the name not be changed if the dog responds to his old one. These dogs need some continuity!
16.  Describe any medicines this dog is taking, and     
       how they are administered.
17.  Any other characteristics or comments you’d like to make that will help in placing this dog?
Please complete this form within two weeks of getting the dog, and provide as much information as you can.

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