Dear Sadie:  
We just got our new puppy spayed and her teats are extremely swollen.  Her suture appears
to be fine but it looks as if she is lactating.  She was not pregnant when she had her surgery.
What is going on?  Signed, Baffled in Brydton

Dear Baffled:  
Your little puppy is probably experiencing what is called a false pregnancy.  A combination of hormones
causes the situation. Since she has been spayed, her progesterone levels have gone down making her
body think she has given birth to puppies and spurring the production of milk. In 90% of cases, the
situation will resolve itself as her body adjusts. In the meantime, she will be uncomfortable and may try
looking for those puppies she never had, if nothing else then to get rid of all that milk. Don’t rub her belly
– touch will stimulate the production of more milk. Watch for the development of mastitis and get that
treated right away if this develops. Signs of mastitis are red, swollen, discolored, painful or lumpy teats.
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