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BassetCARE, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue and referral organization. We are dedicated to the rescue, care and
adoption of abandoned and homeless Bassets and strive to educate others in the responsible ownership of Basset Hounds.

The purpose of our organization is to promote:

~volunteers who Care,
Rescues and
Education for caretakers, adopters and the public regarding Basset Hounds in particular and canine pets in general.

BassetCARE, Inc. an all-volunteer organization, was established in the spring of 2007 in an effort to better serve under served
and un-served geographical regions of Virginia and North Carolina.

Most of the basset hounds that come to
BassetCARE, Inc. are strays whose owners cannot be found, bassets that have been
turned in to shelters or bassets that have been relinquished by their owners who either no longer want them or who cannot
keep them, for a variety of reasons. Changes in the economy and in lifestyles are among the multitude of reasons many
bassets end up in rescue.

BassetCARE, Inc. collaborates with county and city animal control shelters, non-profit shelters, all-breed rescue groups and
other Basset Hound rescues across Virginia and North Carolina in an effort to save the lives of these homeless and/or
abandoned bassets. These rescued bassets are then placed into foster homes, where they are cared for and loved until we
can help them find their “forever” homes.  For the times when foster homes are not readily available, we rely on a “rescue-
friendly” kennel on the Eastern Shore, who makes it possible for us to keep our boarding and kenneling fees affordable.

BassetCARE, Inc. collaborates with several “rescue-friendly” veterinarian practices as well as other “rescue-friendly”
organizations - who provide low-cost spay and neutering services - in the Tidewater, metro Richmond and northern North
Carolina areas; this allows us to keep costs to a minimum while trying to take care of the needs of our rescued bassets.

As a small basset hound rescue,
BassetCARE, Inc. is dependent on donations, adoption fees – and, without doubt, our
invaluable, dedicated and committed
volunteers - to support our ability to take care of the homeless and abandoned bassets
we rescue.  Consequently, we can only accept purebred basset hounds, not basset mixes.

BassetCARE, Inc. is a membership-based organization and is governed by Officers and a Board of Directors.
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Board of Directors
President.............................Helen Seldon

Vice Chair.............................Cat Clough

Board Members...................John Farlow                  Janie Leo

                                           Wendy Hiby                  Barbara Sesek   

                                           Pete Johnson               Chris Jacob