Dear Sadie:
About this time of year my person goes out into the yard and dig
holes.  When she goes in the house, I want to help her so I dig a
few of my own.  But then she comes to the door and starts
yelling at me.  I am so confused!  What am I doing wrong?  I
want to keep my person happy.
Signed, Muffin in Portsmouth

Dear Muffin,
Humans can be odd creatures at times.  I have figured out that
what they are doing is something called “planting a garden”.  It is
alright for them to dig holes because they put plants in them, but
when you dig a hole you are just making a hole.  Me, I get
excited when they start digging holes because that means in a
few months I will get to pick me some tomatoes.  The next best
thing to chicken is fresh picked tomatoes.  Yum!

So my advice to you is to let them do the digging and the
planting and wait for those luscious tomatoes.  Then all you will
have to do is run fast enough to get away with your prize!