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BassetCARE, Inc. is not a kennel, nor do we have a facility.  We do not have paid staff.  All of our
workers are volunteers who have full-time jobs and personal responsibilities.  Please be patient when
BassetCARE, Inc.  We do our best to get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

Email Us:

Adoption Coordinator      
- for answers to questions about a) becoming an adopter (also check out the
“adoption” link on the website), b) submitting home visit reports for adopters and

- for information on how to make a donation

Events Coordinator                     
- for information on how to a) volunteer for events at which BassetCARE will be
represented or b) suggest to
BassetCARE events at which it should be
participating and more

Foster Coordinator                      
- for more information on a) how to become a BassetCARE foster home, b)
foster home visits, c) how to report a basset in a shelter or a stray basset, d)
reimbursement for vet expenses, e) intake of rescued bassets,   f) information
about rescue-friendly vets, and more

General Information                     
- for more information if you have general questions about bassets, basset
rescue, cost-efficient spay/neuter programs, rescue-friendly vets or if none of
the other links can assist you

- for more information on how to become a member of BassetCARE        

Shelter Coordinator                     
- primary point of contact for shelters and animal control facilities

Success Stories/Memorials        or
- to submit your adoption success story or to share your “in memory
of/memorials” for the website

Transportation Coordinator      
- coordinates transportation of incoming dogs from shelters and adopted dogs
to their new homes        

Volunteer Coordinator                
- recruits, coordinates and maintains contact with individuals who have
expressed an interest in being a volunteer for
BassetCARE; works closely with
the Adoption Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Foster Coordinator and
Transportation Coordinator