Dear Sadie,

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Something that you should not have but really love?

Nosy in Norfolk

Dear Nosy,

As a properly bred Southern lady, this is a question that I would not normally respond to. However, since Halloween is coming up I will
reveal my guilty pleasure for the good of the dog world. I love me some chocolate cake! Now, chocolate is very bad for us but mmmm is it
good. One of my Mom’s had a piece of chocolate cake on the coffee table one day. I eyed it very carefully until I found the right moment to
grab it. I almost had it down when Mama reached in and pulled it right from my mouth. Rats! I then learned that chocolate can harm us so I
am glad she got it from me. I can still taste that bitter sweet oozy YUM that is chocolate, but I can only dream about it. We dogs should
never have chocolate.
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