Dear Sadie,
one of these dogs but I am worried about adopting problems. Should I be worried about adopting a basset rescued from a
puppy mill?

No More Puppy Mills


Dear No More Mills,

Thank you for wanting to help put these horrible places out of business.  So many of us have suffered because of these places and it is
because of people like you that some of us get a second chance.

I will be upfront with you; you may very well end up adopting (read “committing to”) a “problem.”  Why, in my very own house we have a girl
my family got who came from a puppy mill after she has been passed around to a few families before us. Fortunately for Miss Rawlie June,
her back legs were too long and the breeder opted to give her away rather than kill her.  We were told she was very quiet and was not
much of an eater or a pooper. Well, once she got home that is all she did was eat and poop.  And sing—terribly! If there is only one non-
melodious basset hound in the universe it is Rawlie June. And she eats poop too.  She moans like an old lady who forgot to take her Advil.
She is very insecure. She is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but what can you expect from a dog whose daddy was named “Duke” and
whose momma was named “Daisy”? And, to top it all off, she has AKC papers—let that tell you what kind of stock you can put in “papers.”

But – Rawlie June is also sweet and silly, loves to play and go on walks, is gentle with her cats, has gotten all the better singers to sing
along with her, loves all the people she meets and wants nothing more than a good meal and lots of belly rubs.

We all come with some kind of “problem” (you humans too) and we all have special care needs whether we admit to them or not. What you
will get in return from an adopted basset cannot be bought or measured; we love you without judgment, we entertain you with abandon
and we will sit with you for hours on the couch if you will let us. Adopt one of us and let that one dog (or maybe two as we can be addictive)
know what a good and loving home can be like. We should all have such a “problem”.  

If you cannot make the commitment to adopting, please consider making a generous donation to a rescue agency or shelter of your
choice.  We will take a few dollars if you can spare them.  

Please mail your check, made out to BassetCARE, Inc. to the following address:
c/o C. Robertson
108 Schoolhouse Road, Suite 101
Madison, VA 22727