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Success Stories/Happy Hounds!!!
A Beautiful Girl - A Beautiful Success Story
by Helen Seldon, President BassetcC.A.R.E., Inc.

  Meet Lola
– a beautiful young female basset.  She is sweet and loving – in fact, she loves everyone and everyone who meets her loves her.  When you hug or pet her,
it feels as if you’re touching velvet.  Her eyes are full of joy and love.
She came to us and we wondered how her family could possibly let her go.  I fostered her temporarily and I hated to let her go.  So I found the perfect solution!
  It was a few hours after Lola came to my house that my grandchildren came to visit.  They fell in love with Lola and she with them.  Their family had just suffered the
loss of their beloved “Charlie”, who died from a heart attack. He was only 5 yrs. old and the family was devastated.  Charlie was a big boy – a golden mix and as sweet
and loving as any dog I’ve ever known.  He was well-loved and the loss was traumatic.
  When Lola came along, it was obvious that fate had sent her to love that family and heal their hearts….. and that is exactly what she has done.  Reba, a black
lab/basset mix was lonely after Charlie died, but she perked up when Lola arrived.  Now Lola and Reba are new best friends.
  Lola is in her forever home.  Now isn’t this a heartwarming BassetC.A.R.E. success story?
Hello, everyone!   I’m still young, but I’ve had a pretty tumultuous life.  My first family couldn’t keep me, so they gave me to another family—I was “free to a good
home.”  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, either, as my new family could not afford to keep me.  They let me run loose and when I was found by a sweet
woman at the Humane Society, I was skinny, had hundreds of ticks and fleas (yuck!), tapeworms, and ehrliciosis.  A few (very hot) days later, two people came
to get me and bring me to a foster home.  They had me treated, fed me lots of good food, and scratched my belly all the time!  I got to play every day with my
foster brother, Kody, and two cats—Harmony and Bright Eyes.  We had so much fun together.  And guess what?  My foster parents loved me so much they
decided to adopt me a month later!  Now I am in my forever home warming their hearts and giving them snuggles and kisses every day.
P.S.   I still miss my former companion, Scarlet, but if she is ever found, my new parents have offered to foster her, too (maybe they’ll end up adopting her like
they did me!)
Success story
by Beauford
The story of Eloise is truly a "success story" and a story of courage, strength, and love.  The beautiful female basset we now call "Eloise" ("Ellie") was
abandoned along the side of a road on July 5 as she was giving birth.  A passing motorist called the local humane society, and she and seven puppies were
taken in for temporary safe keeping.  Ellie's history and the circumstances that led to this unconscionable act will never be known.  We do want to believe,
however, that she was once a loved and cared for pet.

    We agreed to foster mom and the pups in an air conditioned environment, as outside summer temperatures soared; at that time, the puppies were only
three weeks old.  We were not experienced at caring for puppies that young, but Eloise took over and knew just what to do.  She cleaned them and gave
each one attention.  She did not neglect any of them.  They all hung on her relentlessly while hungrily nursing, and she stood just looking up in our faces
with trust and unconditional love.  She was always protective of her little ones, but she loved to show them off to countless friends and visitors who steadily
streamed in to see our miracle brood.  Although everyone loves a warm, cuddly puppy, without fail, Ellie received the most rave reviews, and no one was
surprised when we said we were going to give Ellie a forever home.  She even "shared" her pups with Roosevelt (Rosie), our large male basset.  His size
makes him a wee bit awkward, but if he got a little too carried away in his play, Ellie would go over and intercede, gently nuzzling him away.

    Her beautiful, healthy puppies have all been adopted (the father must have been a good looking basset also), and Ellie is ready to relax a bit and have
fun with us and Rosie.  We think she is about four years old, so hopefully she has many years of life left to live to the fullest, and maybe there even will be
occasions when she can be reunited with a pup or two (or more!).  To us, Ellie is an example for us humans to follow:  When life disappoints and it seems
you're at rock bottom, focus on what really matters and pull yourself up.  Don't dwell on past misfortunes and have faith there will be a brighter tomorrow.  
We only have to look deeply into her soft brown eyes to know that Ellie's success story can teach us all a thing or two!