Dear Sadie,

I have a dog who is very afraid of the vacuum cleaner, especially when it is running. How can I help her be less afraid of it?

Harrowed Housekeeper

Dear Harrowed:

First let me say that there are not many problems that chicken cannot solve. Get yourself some nice, delicious tender chicken pieces and
break out the vacuum. Hold that nice juicy piece of chicken close to the vacuum and let your girl come up to it and take the treat. Tell her
what a good girl she is. Now, turn on the vacuum and hold out another tender yummy piece of chicken and have her come get it. Turn the
machine off and tell her again what a good girl she is. Be patient and keep doing this while lengthening the time the vacuum is on. Make
sure she gets a treat while it is on. Before you know it you will have a little helper just waiting for you to start cleaning house.
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